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Scrubby update 9

I know, I know, it’s been a while! Sorry!  Scrubby lives in an extremely busy foster home, so while HE gets all the attention he needs, this blog doesnt’!

He’s coming out of his crate more, although the first few times he left his back legs in, just to be safe. Now he comes out for a bit of love when we sit by his crate, but is a little too timid to go to far, and wanders in and out and in and out.

We have our webcam pointed at him, so I can watch his crate while I am at the computer, and he usually just lies there, like this, and doesn’t go out even if the door is open.

We are hoping he’ll gain the confidence to come out on his own, but if not, we’ll coax him out with some food and help him along.

He’s a very happy boy, very easy-going, not fearful, but still withdrawn, and he doesn’t care at all about the other cats or the dog or person traffic. His ears seem to bother him still, and he doesn’t like to be picked up, but he lets me Furminate him without much complaint.  He’s very food-motivated, so we’re able to use that to coax him and reward him.




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