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Scrubby update 8

Scrubby has been doing fine since his neuter, although he was very agitated for a day afterwards because of his ears. I think because they were cleaned, they may have felt different, or some gunk may have been loosened, because a few times on Friday he kicked and cried at them. He’s been much better the rest of the weekend.

He’s eating regularly, and takes treats from our fingers (his absolute favourite treats are Natural Balance Perfect Bites Rabbit Formula– he LOVES them).  He’s still not moving around much, preferring rather to hide in his carrier that’s in his crate. So, this morning I took the top off his carrier, and now he’ll be forced to be a bit more exposed, but he’ll see in time that no one hurts him.  He is fine with letting us pet him, but still panics a bit if we try to pick him up. I was holding him today and found an odd, very hard bump on his rib, and I’m hoping it’s not an old injury or break.  The next few days will be spent trying to coax him to walk around and see some new things.

He is looking better, isn’t he!!

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Scrubby update 7

Scrubby is home. Neuter went well, and they cleaned his ears. He’s only 8 pounds. He *doesn’t* have mites, just damage, probably from frostbite (or ‘trauma’), and they’re pretty gunky because they are all folded over. So, he may need some minor ear care for the rest of his life, but otherwise seems ok. The vet puts him at about 18 months. He’s been vaccinated, and he’ll be dewormed tomorrow, and then we can work on getting him ready for adoption!

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Scrubby update 6

It’s a boy!! We found some treats that he LOVES, and we lured him out of his crate for some, and then he let us give him rubs and cuddles all over. I *think* there may have been some faint purring. 😀 I pet him while he ate dinner and confirmed he is a he. His ears are *really* bothering him though. He kicked so hard at them tonight he cut one, so we’re making a vet appointment asap. Then he’ll get neutered, get his ears checked, and we’ll see if he’s ready for a bath soon.

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Scrubby update 5

Big BIG Scrubby update today. It’s such good news, I had to record it. 🙂 WE HAVE PETTING! He’s letting both of us touch him and pet him, and he likes it so far, as long as we go slow and stay near his head. He’s filthy, the filthiest cat I’ve ever petted, and he’s got lots of nicks and cuts, but we love that he’s letting us touch him now. Here’s the video, sorry for the quality, and sorry for the ever-present foster boy Geoffrey purring his head off through the whole thing. 🙂

(For those of you just tuning in, Scrubby is a semi-feral cat that was living in a horse barn, trapped less than two weeks ago, and brought to us to tame and foster. He’s got ear damage (from mites, we assume), but is otherwise relatively healthy (from what we can see) and is starting to trust humans.)

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Scrubby update 4

Scrubby breakthrough last night. We had PLAYING AND GROOMING! Double whammy!! And this morning when I fed him, I got to rub his cheek with NO HISSING. 🙂

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Scrubby, update 3

Scrubby update! So, we still don’t know if it is male or female, but he/she is certainly showing lots of progress. She is losing TONS of fur, big chunks of her winter coat. She’s not smelling quite as bad and I think is grooming a bit – her face seems to be a little cleaner than before. She’s now coming out of her carrier when we are in the room! Last night I fed her, and just waited a bit. She came out, made eye contact with me for the FIRST time, and then ate. (I don’t think she wanted to eat with her back to me, so you can see in the photo how she went around to the side, via her litter box.) She ate her entire meal and went to bed. Now that she’s more comfortable and moving around, we’ll move her to the ‘double’ crate, the one with three levels so she can be more active. This crate is bigger, but will have no hiding space. Once she’s here, we’ll continue trust-building, and also work on playing.

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