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How you can help

We foster dogs and cats for two different non-profit rescue groups. When we have a busy house, like we do right now with 5 kittens, one feral ‘teen’, and two tamer teens*, supplies can get expensive. We don’t have any foster dogs at the moment, simply because we are out of room.  We supply our own food, toys, bedding, supplements, etc. There is quite a lot of heavy wear and tear on the toys and blankets, and one litter of kittens can do us in for quite a lot of food. (And one bored dog can eat quite a few blankets in his crate. *sigh*)
We will gladly take donations of the listed items below, at any time. We are in central Kitchener, but will pick up in most of the tri-city area, or things can be dropped off on our porch. If we happen to receive something we already have enough of, we pass it along to other foster homes in the area.  If there is something on the list you think we’d like or need more information about anything, please contact me.
We (always) need:
  • Canned food – we are always in need of high quality canned food, kitten and adult.
  • high quality kibble (kitten kibble is usually needed more than adult kibble)
  • treats (eg. whiskas cat milk, as well as other treats like ‘pounce’ for the cats; and dog cookies for the dogs!)
  • Supplements: For example, L-Lysene capsules or paste; 100% food grade diatomaceous earth; pet digestive enzymes; calming remedies (i.e. Bach’s); etc.
  • KMR (Kitten milk replacer, which is NOT the same as the whiskas cat milk)
  • toys (especially kitten teething toys, ‘scrunchie’ balls, mice, and fabric balls)
  • bowls (small low ‘stackable’ stainless steel dishes are best for the kittens, or flat-bottom stackable ceramic, because they spill light plastic bowls so often) We are in need of a LARGE stainless steel dog water bowl for the yard –  the plastic bowl got eaten)
  • cat or dog beds, but especially small cat/kitten beds
  • blankets (old receiving blankets are fabulous, we don’t care about stains!! Fleece is magnificent, also (like the dollar-store ones). We are in need of an old comforter or two for the dog crate, since the last two were completely shredded). Really, any soft pieces of fabric are good (flannel, fleece, cotton, etc)
  • litter (we use low-dust clay for the adults, and lots of recycled paper litter for kittens. Other foster homes use wheat or corn, so a donation of ANY kind of clumping litter is usable.)
  • collars (dog and cat both)
  • cat trees/condos/scratching posts (we keep a large ‘tree’ in their room, but we also put a small (under 2 ft) tree in the kitten crate to get them used to it right away. PetCetera used to sell inexpensive sisal rope ones, those kinds are perfect)
  • chewie toys or other stuffies (for big or medium sized dogs. Kongs, tennis balls, ‘Cuz’ toys, etc.  Used is fine, of course, as long as they are still safe for chewing)
  • Very soft plushie toys. I usually put in a nice soft ‘stuffie’ for the kittens to snuggle up to. But, because of bacteria and just the general mess they make, it usually needs to be thrown out and a new one used for the next litter.
  • cat carriers
  • Canadian Tire money – we’ll gladly accept that donation, too, as we can buy lots of cleaning supplies there.  (Gift cards for pet stores are on our wish list, too.)
  • Baby gates, ESPECIALLY the kind that have the ‘window’ and not the grate (because then the kittens can’t climb them)
  • **we are in desperate need of a good quality crates, one for medium sized, one for large sized dogs. We have crates currently, but they are old and rusted, and we fight with the door clasps every single time we open and close them.  Plus they are HUGE to try and store when we only need one. We’re looking for the wire crates that fold up and store, preferably. PetCetera has nice ones with *two* doors which makes getting little nervous kittens out easier.
  • we are also always looking for a gifted or reasonably priced cat/kitten cages, the big kind you see at pet stores, that have shelves and are 5 or so feet high.  (The cats are housed in their own room, but due to how wild some of them are, we usually crate them first until they know they are safe, or if they are a danger to themselves, not just us. We do have a multi-level crate now, but it is wearing out at a rather alarming rate!)
I know those last few items especially may seem extravagant, and I certainly don’t expect any one person to show up at my door with a truck-full, but each and every little bit counts.  We’re proud of the work we do with these animals, and each time we save one, we are reminded why we do it in the first place. However, it DOES get expensive, (not to mention time consuming!)   Also, if you’re concerned about where these items would really be going, I can supply you with references from each organization who will confirm we foster/volunteer for them.

Please contact us for our street address, or to arrange for us to pick items up from you. Our email address is impromptuzoo @gmail .com (remove the spaces).

For anyone who wishes to donate (real!) money, you can do so here:

Please know that we are extremely grateful for any and all donations, and everything we receive goes directly to the animals in our care, or passed along to the organizations we volunteer for.

For more information on the agencies we volunteer for, please go directly to their websites:

We foster cats for Toronto Cat Rescue

We volunteer for Pound Dog Rescue and Grand River All Breed Rescue, as well as a few others.

We do transports for:  Open Arms Pound Rescue



*(I keep wanting to come back to this post and update the current number of fosters we have, but it changes WAY too often. I could never keep up. Suffice to say, we have a lot of cats at any given time.)

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